Project Viewer 2010

Project Viewer 2010

It's a single,affordable program that has all the power of the Microsoft Project
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Project viewer is a great tool for small and large business: in a single, affordable program you will have all the power of the Microsoft Project. The idea is simple: you can view Project files (*.mpp, *.mp*, *xml or *mpt) even if you don’t have Microsoft Project installed on your computer whether it is a lap top, a desktop or even your server.
With this tool you can deploy the same project file to all the people in your team related to a project, so they can view it and manage it, but have no right to modify it, so that the original file would be kept safe and unaltered. This way you can have the same information for every member of your team, generating tasks for each of them.
It has report-generating tools that let you choose any kind of report, for instance: budget, cash flow, completed tasks, critical tasks, over allocated resources, over-budget resources, working days, to-do list, who do what, and who do what and when, among others.
Thanks to its very comprehensive interface that looks exactly like the Microsoft Project your team will no have need for any special training.
The price of this software makes it really easy to have it installed in all your team’s workstations.
It supports files in 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and 98 formats so you won’t need to invest in any other viewer software or add-ons. Supported languages includes English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.
No matter if you manage one single project or multiple projects, you can view the relationship among them, as well as the compatible resources, so you can make the right decisions to get the most out of your work team, your resources and time.

Eduardo Trejo
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  • Lower cost than the MS Project
  • Support for Cloud-based collaboration
  • No need to have the MS application installed and running for viewing and generating reports


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